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Nov. 9, 2015
Apr. 13, 2015

Curtis Griffin aka Cane formed a click called the “CMB Click” growing up. He was young but had street knowledge beyond his years due to the fact that he was the product of a drug one of the biggest drug family’s in the area. Cane had learning the ins and outs of the drug game at a tender age. Most adolescence his age were playing Nintendo but Cane was hanging with big time hustlers earning his way and making his keep. Eventually money came, followed by more women, notoriety and of course jealousy trailed. When Travis aka Trapp one of the Cane’s members and friend of the “CMB Click” betrays them and joins forces with an archrival from the Westside by the name of “The Poison Clan” they became the “Jack Boys” robbing any and every body by any means necessary. This book is a page turner. It is the goal of the author for the readers to comprehend and understand from his perception of what it is when you live the fast life. That everything that glitters is not gold, especially if you get caught slippin’.

Feb. 23, 2015

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Feb. 20, 2015

Welcome to “Ratchet City”, the murder capital of North Carolina…Greensboro! Home to some stand up men, head busta’s, grimey individuals and some suckers. Greensboro is also the home to the notorious stick up kid…Ruga!
Ruga was once raised to believe loyalty and his hood came first over everything. And that’s how he carried it all his life until he caught a long prison sentence for keeping it too real. Once in prison, he realized everybody in his past that he would have laid down and died for; even his hood, was nowhere to be found.
Faced with the harsh reality of prison and the fact that the dudes he grew up with wasn’t worth nothing…angered and eventually forced Ruga to become the total opposite of how he was raised…the most grimmiest cold hearted person to ever run the streets of Greensboro. When released from prison with the help of his cousin Lava, nobody who was sacked up was safe including his own family except his mom, his grandmother, and the love of his life “Bull City’s” finest… Suga, whom he had met in prison through a mutual friend. Now, on the streets he vowed everybody would get got one way or the other because it was his time to shine.
While balancing a double life as a devoted husband, stepfather and a menace to society, he steals Suga’s heart. Suga, his better half, who wants nothing more than for him to love her unconditionally. Suga tries desperately to change Ruga for the benefit of their relationship because she loves him with every ounce of her and can’t imagine life without him.

About the author: Brandon R. Fox is from Greensboro, N.C. This is his first published book but he has written several others. Brandon got on the wrong track during his teenage years and after getting into some major trouble he has since been rehabilitated. He hopes that through his writing to be a motivationalist to the young boys and girls in the world as a mentor, speaker and writer. Although his start wasn’t good… his finish is going to be miraculous.