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Adnileb's prices and services

Adnileb Publishing LLC

If you are wishing to self-publish and not sign with Adnileb Publishing but would like mentoring on getting your book to print and set up there will be a fee of $100.

Adnileb services/self-publishers               $250

 This includes but is not limited to sending the manuscript to print, help with cover set-up, setting up photo shoot, set up sales channels for products, carry the Adnileb name and help with promotions and mentoring.

Photographer/Book cover  $175

The photographer will do a promotion shoot as well as set up the book cover in it's entirety.

Editorial                           $300-$500

Most all of our editorial services has remained between the $300-$500 price range. However if a novel is more than 300 pages the price will differ.

Illustration services are also available if needed and at a great rate. Illustration service depends on your needs and the amount of pages per book.

If your book is not in book format form (meaning that it is a journal or note form) it will be an extra cost to put it into a story form. $500 and up depending on the amount of pages and work needing to be done.

Cost of books will depend on the number of books you wish to purchase for sale. Book prices depends on the number of pages that is in the book. Just an example: One of my books has 346 pages and the cost is $5.46 per book, so for 25 books it cost me $136.50.

Unlike most publishers Adnileb allows you pay installments towards their services. Please contact an Adnileb representative about your needs through our contact page.

(Prices are subject to change depending on needs and inflation) © Copyright 2014 Belinda Hunter