Adnileb Publishing LLC.

     Adnileb is an independent publishing company who's mission is to publish quality books that are relatable and ones that you will talk about for years to come. Adnileb is dedicated to mentoring and walking with new and old authors alike to help get their material out. We are dedicated and devoted to all that comes on with our company and anything that has Adnileb Publishing on it is certain to be a work of art.

     We are a rapidly growing company with several authors that are gauranteed to bring you the ultimate in street literature.

We are a company that will work hard for you in helping you to become a published author. Because publishing is expensive we have already researched and found the most reasonably priced printing companies for you. And we also offer payment plans. Once all installments have been paid your novel will be sent to the best printing company for production and you receive 100% of your royalties and own the rights to your work.

     We at Adnileb aim to please our readers and hope to be a publishing company known for it's integrity, loyalty and quality of material that we produce to both our authors and readers.

 Our mission is to change lives whether it be that of the author or the readers. We hope that with everything that we produce that you get some lesson from it.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to have your continued support.

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